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Great concept!

This is such a creative way to explore leadership! Jeff gives a fun recap of the Star Trek episode at the beginning before digging into the lessons we can take away from it. Even if you’re not a Trekkie, you’ll enjoy Jeff’s take.


To be transparent I do not know much about star trek so I didn't expect to be captured by this podcast! However I was greatly uplifted hearing how he can relate the leadership qualities from the characters from the show! He really brings it down to earth with applicable lessons on how we can improve out own leadership! Thank you

A different take on leadership

I’m soooo pleased that I found this podcast! Very happy that the r planes were so relevant to my organization even though I’ve never seen the Star Trek episode that was referenced. It didn’t matter because the truths that were communicated are universal. Excellent addition to anyone’s podcast feed! Looking forward to more.

Not Normally a Star Trek Fan

While I would never call myself a true “trekky I grew up on Star Trek. I have has mixed feelings over the years about the shows that have come and gone. I wanted to find out more about the new show and I have got to say, they now have my attention. The insights and just passion on this show make me believe I have been missing out by not trying the new show.

Leadership & Diversity under a Star Trek lens

This is a very unique show concept that illustrates how Star Trek is full of leadership examples. It has the trivia and fandom warranted of Star Trek but it gets translated into day to day life lessons and leadership insights. If you have any passion for science fiction, and at least no aversion to Star Trek, you will enjoy this podcast.

Such a fun idea for a podcast! 💙

I’ll admit right away that I’m not that well versed in Star Trek. I only seem to recall the beginning of one of the movies I saw in theaters where the champagne bottle smashed into the spaceship? But Jeff has piqued my interest in it! He adds a layer of depth with his analyses and analogies that make me want to go more in depth into the show, very well done!!!

A Brilliant Edu-tainment Podcast

I try to fill my podcast feed with both educational and entertainment podcasts. This one helps me check both boxes. I sincerely hope this is helping me to improve both as a coach and a leader

Jeff loves his topic!!

Jeff proves you can do a lot with some hefty Star Trek knowledge and makes a great pitch for what you can gain from Starfleet Academy!

Jeff knows leadership and Star Trek!

What a unique cool show! If you enjoy Star Trek and you strive to learn more about leadership - this is the best podcast out there!!! Don’t miss this, A+

A spoonful of Stardust makes the medicine go down

i’ve been listening to this podcast for a month, and I really like it. I’ll be honest, I usually can’t stand leadership and self-help podcasts, but this one has the magic formula for me. I feel like it will appeal to fans of the genre, and grumpy nerds like me.


A very unique podcast

Listen long and prosper

It's wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross; but it's not for the timid."

Fun, entertaining, and informative

As a Trekkie, I love the episode recaps and insights. As a manager, I love the leadership tips and ideas Jeff explores. Add the extra benefits of humor and personal stories, makes this podcast a must listen.

Not a Star Trek fan, but…

This podcast is 100% worth the listen. I wanted to hear some leadership content, little did I know I was going be hooked on Star Trek…thankfully there’s plenty of episodes to carry me through for a while. Can’t wait to use the advice I learned as well as the Star Trek references at my business.

Digging the Star Trek format

I used to be a star trek fan so I’m loving the application of the theme!


Super fun way to go deep on leadership lessons and ideas. Not personally a Star Trek fan but show still resonates on deep levels.

Enjoyable even for a non Trekkie

I really enjoyed the episodes I listened to, and I’m not even a Star Trek fan. That being said, it brought me back to my days of watching this show as a kid with my parents and I learned a few valuable lessons.

Unique and compelling

If you love StarTrek and you value leadership you’ll love this podcast! Jeff is fun to listen to and really takes time to develop the episodes, giving them a layer of depth you don’t often hear in leadership related podcasts. Viewing leadership through the lens of this iconic TV series is such a unique and compelling idea. Keep up the great work.

Love it!

I really like how Jeff draws comparisons to leadership principles in this allegorical way. Great concept and fun to listen to!

Production and Story

I listened to the episode “Unity“. Immediately the level of production stood out to me. The music and sound effects were perfect and well-placed. I have never seen an episode of Voyager, but I grew up a huge TNG fan. Not to worry Jeff did a full recap of the episode of Voyager his unity episode was based on. It was amazing how entertaining his episode recap was. I found myself googling Chakotay and other characters. Ultimately, the lesson from the episode was about cooperation and unity and leadership. It was a great way to illustrate those important principles. I’ll continue listening. My only gripe was the frequency of ads. Perhaps one too many for the episode length.

New twist on Leadership

If you’re looking for a new view on leadership, and more Star Trek, this is your podcast. Jeff Akin has experience that will help you get where you want to go, check it out!

Leadership Has Never Been So Fun

Jeff Akin makes leadership a blast. I love how he uses Star Trek to teach really complex stuff. He’s totally changed how I watch Star Trek and is an important part of my growth as a leader.

Jeff Akin As a Phenomenal Guest

MC Anime He knows what he does and how Star Trek is his inspiration. The passion he has for what he does and giving purpose to people through leadership is wonderful. In one conversation there is not enough to express to get know him in that short amount of time. He is a great guy and strives for best version of yourself you can be. The training you can receive with leadership and Star Trek is his pride and joy. He is definitely the Star Trek Leading Guru. 5 out 5 for what a special should be. Definitely, recommend him to anyone who wants an interesting story, leadership, business management, wrestling, and Star Trek.

Leadership for life and trek.

I'm a relatively new listener to the Starfleet Leadership Academy and as I work through the back catalogue of episodes I find this quickly becoming one of my favourite podcasts. It is both fun and informative with many gems of wisdom that I am keen to apply to my daily life. Would recommend to anyone whether an aspiring leader or not.

A great Star Trek leadership mashup!

Jeff Atkin is taking one of the greatest sci-fi franchises of all time and making it applicable for today’s leaders. Love it!

Unexpected but welcome combo: Star Trek and Leadership

I’m not a Trekkie (if anyone asks, I mean… shhh), but I used to work in the corporate world. Now that I work mostly solo, you might think that I’d have no use for a corporate leadership podcast. However, after listening to a couple episodes I’ve found this show to be as helpful as it is entertaining. The host masterfully draws the principles out of the episodes. I generally find one solid principle per episode, and I’ve actually found a surprising context in which to apply them: my own household. Keep up the great work!

Excellent and informative

If you’re tired of the same old corporate type leadership info, Jeff Akin’s podcast is for you! A look at leadership thru the lens of Star Trek. Thoughtful and entertaining!


Insightful and informative… loved this..!!! Keep up the great work..!!!

Informative and Funny

Jeff distills the lessons I’m Trek in an insightful and humorous way. Great show and a must listen.

Incredible - Must Listen

This is, honestly, the most unique and valuable podcast I’ve ever heard. Jeff’s ability to pull this stuff from Star Trek is amazing. This is a must listen podcast.