Oct. 18, 2021

Starfleet Leadership Academy Wins Gold in 16th Annual w3 Awards

Starfleet Leadership Academy Wins Gold in 16th Annual w3 Awards

The Cutting-Edge Leadership Development Podcast Outlines Tangible Leadership Skills Through the Lens of Star Trek


(PORTLAND, OR) - The wonderful thing about film and television is that they often tell a much greater story than the plot. Movies and films have been teaching the world life lessons for nearly a century, yet often these lessons are swiftly overlooked or overshadowed by various factors. One leadership executive has made it his mission to use extract these lessons, and turn them into a cutting-edge leadership development podcast, told through the lens of Star Trek.


Jeff Akin founded The Starfleet Leadership Academy in May of 2020 to tangibly outline the unique and powerful hidden lessons in leadership, management, interpersonal relations, professional development, and other related skills. Since its founding, The Starfleet Leadership Academy has spread like wildfire, winning Gold at the 16th annual w3 Awards.


The w3 Awards honor creative excellence on the web and recognizes the people behind award-winning sites, marketing programs, social content, mobile site/apps, and online video. Entries are scored on a 100-point scale by the judges, and less than 10% of all entries are selected as Gold Winners.


Noted as a fun, relatable, and innovative approach to teaching leadership skills, The Starfleet Leadership Academy Podcast is dismantling the stereotype that all business and leadership development podcasts are boring, hard to follow, and unrelatable to front-line or mid-level managers.


Jeff’s one-of-a-kind approach to leadership development has captivated an audience of Star Trek aficionados, emerging leaders, and high-profile executives alike. By tying life lessons to memorable moments in cinema and television with a directed emphasis on character interactions, Jeff’s approach allows listeners to retain the highest level of information with impeccable recall for what they learned in a relaxed and comfortable environment.


“This award and recognition validates my vision that leadership development is not the final frontier, but something people crave. This podcast allows me to combine three of my favorite things: Star Trek, leadership, and helping people unlock their potential.” - Jeff Akin


Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to helping people become better leaders through memorable storytelling; Jeff Akin’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with The Starfleet Leadership Academy winning Gold in the w3 Awards.


To learn more about Jeff Akin and The Starfleet Leadership Academy Podcast, please visit: https://www.jeffakin.com/


About Jeff Akin


Jeff Akin is an executive leader with more than two decades of experience within both the private and public sectors, and the host of The Starfleet Leadership Academy Podcast. The former pro wrestling TV broadcaster is on a mission to help others improve their lives and their careers with a creative twist. The Starfleet Leadership Podcast is designed to provide tangible leadership skills for listeners, through the lens of Star Trek. Star Trek is full of life lessons. Jeff masterfully extracts these lessons in leadership, management, interpersonal relations, professional development, and other related skills, turning them into a powerhouse podcast episode full of real-world advice for ambitious leaders.




Website: https://www.jeffakin.com/

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For more information or press inquiries, please contact Jeff Akin at greetings@starfleetleadership.academy