Oct. 8, 2021

The Best Way to Listen to the Starfleet Leadership Academy

The Best Way to Listen to the Starfleet Leadership Academy

I love podcasts! Would you have ever guessed that about me? A few years ago, when I just started entertaining the idea of creating a podcast, I received some incredible advice: “Listen to other podcasts.” 


This did two things to help me. First, I listened with an ear to production and quality. I learned what I liked and didn’t like about the way others created their content. Second, if I want people to listen to what I’m creating, I should listen to what others create; I need to be the thing I want to see in the world.


So I went into the podcast app that was pre-loaded on my phone and I searched for, “podcasts that I know I’m going to love and want to listen to.” Can you guess what came up?


You are correct…nothing.


As smart as our mobile devices claim to be, they can’t quite give us results like that. 


Well, at least not until now! 


I recently discovered the coolest and most effective way to discover and listen to podcasts: Goodpods. Goodpods takes the podcast space and flips it on its head! You can, of course, search for podcasts, just like you can with any other podcatcher, but with Goodpods, you don’t have to rely on some Master Control Program algorithm to serve you new podcasts to try. No, you just have to rely on your friends and people you choose to follow.


It’s the best parts of social media built into a podcatcher! What are people listening to? What do they like? What looks good for me too? It’s so great! I’ve found 2 new podcasts to listen to just this week that I likely never would found otherwise!


As a podcaster, one of my biggest challenges is connecting with my listeners. We have a Facebook group, of course and all the other social media, but sometimes I wish I could connect directly with people; and that they can connect directly with me. Well, Goodpods solves that problem! 


Have you ever listened to an episode of the Starfleet Leadership Academy and thought, “I wish I could ask Jeff for more about that,” or you’ve wanted to ask just what in the galaxy I was thinking?? Now you can! Listen on Goodpods and you can comment on the episodes, interact with other listeners and even the podcast creators if they’re on the app too!


So if you’re interested in an amazing listening experience, discovering podcasts that you’re interested in and interacting with people that are listening to the same podcasts you are, Goodpods is absolutely the app for you. 


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