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Combining Star Trek and Great Leadership Lessons? Make it so!

Yes, a Star Trek podcast would be cool, but there are plenty of those. Yes, a leadership podcast would be cool, but there are plenty of those. Tying both together? Genius! Jeff does a fantastic job of pulling and delivering lessons from all the Star Trek shows (but I don’t think any of the movies have been covered yet?). If you’re a leader who also loves sci-fi, this show’s for you.

Starfleet Leadership Academy is such a unique concept.

This is a show made specifically for me. I like Star Trek and I’m into entrepreneurship. After reading a ton of reviews from people like me, I realized there must be more us than I thought. It’s creative and full of little nuggets.

So creative

I mean, this level of creative is just chefs kiss! This podcast is such a cool combo of leadership and Star Trek!! So cool 🖖🏻

Pretty cool!

Star Trek really isn’t my thing but I so enjoyed the retelling and tying this to a life lesson. Really well done! Definitely a show any fan could get into.


I love Star Trek. I’ve always loved Star Trek. TOS theme song was played at my wedding and we have a cat named after a Klingon. But hearing the lessons turned into modern examples on how to better function in a work environment is nothing short of genius and such a wonderful application!

Not Just For Trek Fans

There are lots of leadership podcasts but this one stands out for two reasons. First, host Jeff Akin is clearly passionate about teaching leadership and he loves Star Trek. His enthusiasm and knowledge about both topics shine through every episode. Second, the structure of the show engages listeners in a unique way. Jeff describes a featured Star Trek episode complete with sound clips. He then shares how the story illustrates a lesson about leadership as well own experience with the issue. And then he closes by giving specific ideas for how you can apply the lesson in your own work. It’s a useful and fun show and others have pointed out you don’t need to know anything about Star Trek to benefit from Jeff’s insights.

Fantastic Podcast for Leaders and Trek Enthusiasts

I re-downloaded apple podcasts just so I could leave a well-deserved review for The Starfleet Leadership Academy. I stumbled upon this completely by chance but WOW! If you're a Trek fan, this is a fantastic listen. If you're not - this is STILL a great listen for leadership skills. Jeff's enthusiasm is absolutely contagious. The way he breaks down episodes to highlight leadership in a way that you can see on screen, then translates into a modern office anecdote makes leadership fundamentals and their importance easy to understand and follow. I have happily shared with friends and mentors, and you should too. Good leaders can be hard to find, but you can help hone and polish your skills with the lessons learned in this podcast. Ad Astra!

Literally the most unsung podcast on the internet. Jeff Akin should be on the tip of everyone's tongue when it comes to leadership. TED talks, talk show appearances...people, this is your guy! On this podcast, Jeff teaches next leadership through Star Trek! It's incredible. It's fun, it's interesting, it's engaging and it is effective. Highly recommend!

A Refreshing Look at Star Trek

I am a huge Star Trek fan but haven't enjoyed a lot of the new stuff that has come out. This podcast has renewed my love for the franchise! Jeff is energetic, charismatic, entertaining and brilliant. His ability to take these episodes, even the terrible ones, and teach such actionable and timely leadership and management lessons is amazing. I highly recommend this podcast.

SFN, The Professor and Star Trek😎

I heard of Jeff Akin when he appeared on Something For Nothing- A Rush Fancast. Where he talked about his love of Rush and in particular their drummer, Neil Peart (The Professor). From there I heard of this podcast dealing with leadership principles in the light of Star Trek. I started at the beginning of this podcast and have a ways to catch up. I have enjoyed it so far. I look forward to digging in deeper. -WJames💀’s and🌈’s

Interesting angle related to business

This podcast is interesting because it uses the Star Trek shows as examples of great leadership. He gives specific and actionable insights and activities related to leadership. Fun to listen to even if you don’t watch Star Trek. Guarantee you’ll learn something.

So fun!

This show is so fun! What a creative way to revisit the Trekkie universe and entertain at the same time. Obvious choice for the fans.

Love the approach to leadership practices

I’m not a regular fan of Star Trek programs, but I’m super impressed with this podcast and the energy in each episode. I like the premise of using episodes of the Star Trek universe to pull out timely leadership practices and tips. Nice work! Definitely recommend this for any leaders that also love sci-fi!

New twist on Leadership

If you’re looking for a new view on leadership, and more Star Trek, this is your podcast! Jeff even broke down The Infinite Vulcan and did a fantastic job of showing how well Star Trek covers diversity & how we can all apply it into our own business. Jeff Akin has the business experience that will help you boldly go where no one has gone before.

Very well done!

I am not a Star Trek fan, not because it isn’t entertaining, rather much of its core messaging is extremely problematic. That being said, Jeff creates a very entertaining and well done podcast that really draws you in. His message is distilling leadership principles from the episodes, which is something on which we can agree. Jeff’s experience, humor, and obvious talent comes through each episode and leaves the listener entertained, engaged, and thinking. I don’t know what else you would want. If you are a Star Trek fan, this is a no-brainer, if you are not, I still encourage you to listen. You will find as I did, that it is well worth your time.

Great leadership - Make it so!

I love Jeff’s take on summarizing episodes of Star Trek canon, sharing some behind-the-scenes facts, then pulling lessons on leadership out of those episodes. I had forgotten there was an animated series until this show! Great blend of fun, humor, entertainment, and ah-ha moments.

Out of this world!

This show is fantastic! I recommend it often to friends who are interested in leadership or Star Trek or BOTH! Jeff is an absolute pro with a killer voice and a passion for this. Hit play…you won’t regret it!

A Fun Take on Leadership Principles

First, this show is just fun. The enthusiasm is palpable and stories are classic. Second, the production is fantastic! It features lots of clips and sound bites from the original shows. Really nicely done! Third, the principles are sound. It’s easy for leadership material to feel dry. This format makes it so great to take in! I was a bit put off by the sheer quantity of ads (I lost count after 6), but I know a show has to pay the bills somehow. Overall it’s an amazing show that you should definitely drop in and listen to!

Unarguably contagious enthusiasm

I was encouraged by many of the podcast’s reviews from others like me that said they weren’t huge fans of Star Trek but enjoyed the show. I’m glad that was enough to convince me to give it a chance because who doesn’t love a show that finds a way to engage you on an interesting topic but with a truly unique spin? Whoever that person is we wouldn’t be friends anyway and I definitely wouldn’t trust their podcast recommendation or playlist. This show is worth a listen. The host has an incredible podcasting voice that’s extremely easy and enjoyable to listen to. His enthusiasm is obvious and one might say unarguably contagious. Try not to get sucked in all you want - but I promise that you can’t!

Very creative podcast!

This podcast is incredibly creative. I love the way that the host has found a way to take a topic that he loves, and review that while also applying it to leadership principles, and sharing takeaways that we can all take into our every day lives. Well done!


I’m not a big Star Trek fan , but thoroughly enjoyed how the host weaved in elements of the show with leadership advice. I found this podcast to be unique and engaging. Well done!

Fun leadership lessons

As a Star Trek fan and fellow podcaster (Simplify Jesus podcast), this is a fun one to listen to! Good leadership talks using episodes and scenarios from all throughout the Star Trek timeline in a fun and engaging way.


This podcast is well produced and a really fun way to learn about leadership. Give it a listen!

Great concept!

This is such a creative way to explore leadership! Jeff gives a fun recap of the Star Trek episode at the beginning before digging into the lessons we can take away from it. Even if you’re not a Trekkie, you’ll enjoy Jeff’s take.


To be transparent I do not know much about star trek so I didn't expect to be captured by this podcast! However I was greatly uplifted hearing how he can relate the leadership qualities from the characters from the show! He really brings it down to earth with applicable lessons on how we can improve out own leadership! Thank you

A different take on leadership

I’m soooo pleased that I found this podcast! Very happy that the r planes were so relevant to my organization even though I’ve never seen the Star Trek episode that was referenced. It didn’t matter because the truths that were communicated are universal. Excellent addition to anyone’s podcast feed! Looking forward to more.

Not Normally a Star Trek Fan

While I would never call myself a true “trekky I grew up on Star Trek. I have has mixed feelings over the years about the shows that have come and gone. I wanted to find out more about the new show and I have got to say, they now have my attention. The insights and just passion on this show make me believe I have been missing out by not trying the new show.

Leadership & Diversity under a Star Trek lens

This is a very unique show concept that illustrates how Star Trek is full of leadership examples. It has the trivia and fandom warranted of Star Trek but it gets translated into day to day life lessons and leadership insights. If you have any passion for science fiction, and at least no aversion to Star Trek, you will enjoy this podcast.

Such a fun idea for a podcast! 💙

I’ll admit right away that I’m not that well versed in Star Trek. I only seem to recall the beginning of one of the movies I saw in theaters where the champagne bottle smashed into the spaceship? But Jeff has piqued my interest in it! He adds a layer of depth with his analyses and analogies that make me want to go more in depth into the show, very well done!!!

A Brilliant Edu-tainment Podcast

I try to fill my podcast feed with both educational and entertainment podcasts. This one helps me check both boxes. I sincerely hope this is helping me to improve both as a coach and a leader