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#1 Star Trek themed podcast, hands down. Keep up the good content, Jeff.


Very interesting!!!

Nicely done

Great host, well put together!

I love the leadership academy

Not all podcasts are the same and this one stands out! I absolutely love the leadership Academy. Keep up the great work, the community as a whole could benefit from following this podcast! Leaders with a proven track record. Now if Jeff would run for Governor...

Fully Engaged

Absolutely stunning podcasts with sound reasoning, thought provoking concepts and truly amazing and talented production. Listening to these podcasts helps me see things in a new light and helps me think about my own leadership through the lens of Starfleet Leadership Academy Podcast. Looking forward to more episodes.

Live long and prosper

Leadership taught through the lens of some of my favorite Star Trek episodes is simply genius. This is both nostalgic and informative. Salute to Jeff…Tea,Earl grey, Hot

Entertaining and super useful!

Jeff always keeps it funny and draws on experience as a manager to make this a relatable and great podcast even for, gulp, non-Trek fans.

Love it!

What a fun way to present leadership methods. Very entertaining!!

Enjoying it a lot

Well produced and interesting. I enjoy the thoughtful way that the host presents has ideas and it’s interesting to move between series over each episode.

Super impressed

This is a really well put together podcast. The quality is pro level. Cool concept to use Star Trek as a leadership tool. I love the idea, keep it coming!

Making it so!

Jeff does a great job of proving a unique look at Trek through the lens of leadership, while also proving fun commentary on the shows and episodes themselves.